‘Amar Bangla’ is a platform for news and for Bengali people around the world.

Bengali language ranked 8th among the widely spoken languages in the world, It’s the mother tongue of nearly 260 million people, spread across most of the countries of the world.

As Bangladeshi we are proud of our identity, language, history and culture. Bengali language is one of the sweetest languages to hear. Every year 21st February comes with its glory and grief that touches every Bengali speaking person especially Bangladeshis. This very day gave birth to a new nation, today’s Bangladesh. And now the whole world celebrates ‘Amor Ekushey’ with us in the name of International Mother Language Day. That gives us a lot of sense of pride to have the recognition of our identity. Moreover, Bengali culture is rich in literature, music, dance, drama and cinemas.

We start our journey on the 2nd January 2020, with an aim to deliver in-depth news, exclusive news and special features for our readers and audience.

Our slogan is, ‘Sail with the Wind’, as we believe in change over time. With pen and camera as our weapons, we will fight for the truth.

‘Amar Bangla’ invites the 260 million Bengali people living in different parts of the world. Come to share your cultural heritage, activities and lifestyle with us, we will show it all over the world.

Let us share our dream with you by staying with us.

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