‘Amarbangla’ is a platform for news and for Bengali people around the world which is very much committed to protect personal information of its readers and viewers through our website, social media, apps, cookies and mobile device. Amarbangla collects information of its readers / viewers by logging or registering in the site or subscribing its news letter or liking its pages and apps.


Amarbangla does not transfer personal information of its readers or viewers in any form to any third party in terms of sell or commercial deal. But it may use the personal information internally for optimum business operation of its website in a professional manner and to comply with the Law of the Land and ethics. Amarbangla always reserves the right to retain personal information of its readers, visitors and viewers until exist of the users account with Amarbangla as per its internal data retention and deletion policy.


Amarbangla shows or displays any advertisements or commercial content of any advertiser in its website or apps shall bear no responsibility; but it will treated the responsibility of advertiser or its agent under the Laws & regulation of Bangladesh.

Third Party Advertisements and links

Amarbangla may display or allow advertisements of third party services or products which may have separate and independent privacy policies and Amarbangla never take the responsibility for the content of advertising material, any error, omission or inaccuracy therein or information spreading due to reader or viewers accessing to a separate link, application or website, through a separate link or content of Amarbangla.

Use of Cookies

Amarbangla never control or collect cookies even if it comes from third party website due to visiting our therefore the readers or viewers should check the relevant third-party website.

Demographic and purchase information

Amarbangla may reference sources of demographic information to provide its readers and viewers with more targeted communications and promotions. Amarbangla use Google Analytics, among others, to track the user behavior on its website.

Communication by Amarbangla

Amarbangla always contact its readers and viewers through e-mail, phone or SMS, feedback, survey for invitation for participation in campaigns/competitions.

Accessing the website globally.

Amarbangla processes personal information submitted by its readers or viewers outside Bangladesh according to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Governing Law

The laws relating to these personal information privacy policy of Amarbangla is the laws of Bangladesh and jurisdiction of its Courts regardless of its readers or viewers nationality, location, residence or place of business. Amarbangla always update its privacy policy from time to time as it is ‘Sail with the Wind’, as it believes in change over time